Luis Bunuel - The Brute (El Bruto) (1953) - DVD

Director: Luis Buñuel

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Bruto (Pedro Armendariz), a simple-minded strongman, is tasked by a ruthless landlord to clear a Mexico City slum of its denizens. His campaign includes cold intimidation and vicious attacks, one of which results in the death of an old man. His success earns him his master’s gratitude as well as the unwanted attention of Palomar (Katy Jurado -Mr. Arkadin), the landlord’s wife. However Bruto is distracted by his growing affection for Mechee (Rosa Arenas). She proves a calming influence and Bruto becomes progressively disillusioned at his task, all the more so upon learning that Mechee is the daughter of the man he killed.

Inspired by the success of Los OlvidadosEl Bruto continues Luis Buñuel’s examination of urban ghettos and the class tension that simmers within it. He is greatly aided byPedro Armendariz (The FugitiveFrom Russia With Love), whose powerful performance as Bruto embodies the contradictions that make this childlike thug a compelling character.
Sure, El Bruto is relatively apolitical but that's because Buñuel is drunk on animal magnetism -- Slant Magazine
One of the fascinating melodramas Buñuel made during his early years in Mexico -- Time Out
1953 / 77 minutes / Spanish with English subtitles / Mono audio / 1.33 : 1 Black & White / DVD PAL Multi Region / MRBDVD031

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