Lula Côrtes

Augusto Martins Côrtes, better known as Lula Côrtes, was one of the driving forces behind the late 60s / early 70s psychedelic rock scene in Recife (North East Brazil). The albums he produced and recorded – from the dueling guitars of Satwa to Marconi Notaro’s groundbreaking No Sub Reino dos Metazoários to his own Rosa de Sangue – put forth a revolutionary bent with a striking originality during Brazil’s military dictatorship. His albums were almost all self-released, many on Solar, his own imprint, only furthered his legend.

Lula is most renowned for his Paebiru album, written and recorded with Ze Ramlho in 1975. This white whale of a record – a double LP encapsulating a book within its gatefold – took Brazilian psychedelic rock to its zenith. Stunning and timeless, Paebiru will help help keep Côrtes’ memory alive for years to come.

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