Aratanha Azul

Aratanha Azul EP - 7"

Aratanha Azul EP - 7"
Aratanha Azul EP - 7" - Mr Bongo
 - 2
Aratanha Azul EP - 7" - Mr Bongo
 - 3
Aratanha Azul EP - 7" - Mr Bongo
 - 4
Aratanha Azul EP - 7" - Mr Bongo
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A. A História de Vicente Silva / Escorregando / B. Tema / Como os Aviões

Aratanha Azul formed in 1974 after Zaldo, the band leader, had returned from a year in the United States soaking up the influences of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Rolling Stones. Zaldo played piano, organ, sang and was the main songwriter of the group.

"The songs were heavily censored, especially those that mentioned sex, religion or drugs," recalls Zaldo "In one, I just spoke the word 'God' and they [the censors] did not like it."

Despite the shadow of the dictatorship this era was a special time for psych-rock music from Pernambuco (north-east Brazil); Lailson and Lula Cortes had launched Satwa one year earlier, and the Ave Sangria group-titled LP the same year... "We had a fondness of Ave Sangria they really influenced us" said Thales the band-leader of Aratanha Azul.

The group played all over Pernambuco and built up a repertoire of over 50 compositions. Of these, only four have ever been recorded and they are presented here on this compact 7” EP originally pressed by Rozenblit in 1979.  Packaged in the original vintage style cover with exact reproduction original artwork on audiophile vinyl.

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