Bukky Leo & Black Egypt - Afrobeat Visions - CD

Artist: Bukky Leo

Price - £6.99

1. Black Egypt (Intro) / 2. Ake Bo Je / 3. Don't Go Away / 4. Times Like These / 5. The Vision / 6. Why Cant We Live Together? / 7. Dreamer / 8. Dem Go Shout / 9. Secular Society / 10. His Majesty

Bukky Leo is a saxophonist and singer who, back in the day, was plucked from Lagos streets by Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen to star in his new band. He would very soon also be sharing a stage with Fela himself.

Bukky relocated to the UK from Lagos in the early 1980s, and within a few years was headhunted for the Acid Jazz label by an unfeasibly young Gilles Peterson and subsequently transformed into one of the acid jazz movements darlings.

Following a prolonged spell in Egypt during the 1990s, he recruited a new band Black Egypt. A chunky, funky set that draws upon Bukkys deep heritage, this record retains inherent Afrocentricity and freewheeling jazz sensibilities, but adds a decent dose of soul and even some house.

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