Afroreggae - Favela Uprising

Afroreggae - Favela Uprising
Afroreggae - Favela Uprising - Mr Bongo
 - 2
Afroreggae - Favela Uprising - Mr Bongo
 - 3
Afroreggae - Favela Uprising - Mr Bongo
 - 4


1. Nenhum Motivo Explica A GuerraRap ft. Estelle, Ty / 2. Mais Uma Chance / 3. Quero Só Você / 4. Partida / 5. Benedito / 6. A Aquarela Dela / 7. Coisa De Negão / 8. Haiti / 9. A Parada é Outra / 10. Águas De Moloch

AfroReggae hails from Rio de Janeiro and is a part of the cultural organisation of the same name which works for social change within the favela communities. The organisation has achieved phenomenal success in the last 13 years, using music and cultural programmes to change the lives of thousands of people in the areas hardest hit by drug trafficking, violence and poverty. Both the band and the foundation have won huge acclaim in Brazil and beyond.

Championed in their homeland by their musical godfathers Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and actress Regina Cas, AfroReggae have become a professional band over the years culminating in a deal with Universal Music for the production of the Nova Cara album in Brazil. It is important to note at this point that this was the first time a band resulting from a social project in Brazil was able to produce its first album with a major recording label.

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