Mikhail Kalatozov - I Am Cuba (Soy Cuba) (1964) - DVD

Director: Mikhail Kalatozov

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Film Info:

Origin: Cuba, Soviet Union / 1964 / Rated: PG / DVD 9-PAL multi-region / Mono / Black & White / Spanish with English Subtitles / Running time: 140 Mins


prostitute solicits in a posh nightclub but lives in a derelict slum in Havana while a disenfranchised sugarcane farmer is driven to burn his precious produce in despair; an angst-ridden student ponders the use of violence as means of resistance and an apolitical peasant is driven to join Castro’s brigades. These four episodes, narrated by a woman who identifies herself as Cuba, chart the course of a nation’s fate from colonialist subjugation to popular revolutionI Am Cuba is a singular collective endeavour.

Soviet-Cuban production, it boasts the talents of poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko as a screenwriter and represents the aesthetic summit of cinematographer Sergei Urusevsky and director Mikhail Kalatozov’s collaboration (the duo had previously made The Cranes Are Flying and The Letter Never Sent). The film’s elaborately conceived and painstakingly choreographed camera set-ups are without parallel in film history.

Initially commissioned as propaganda, its technical tour-de-force has made it a cult film; earning admiration from film-makers Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather) and Martin Scorsese (Taxi DriverRaging Bull).


A work of dazzling cinematographic invention that still has the ability to astound -- Film4

Some of the most exhilarating camera movements and most luscious black-and-white cinematography you'll ever see -- Chicago Reader

It is one of the most visually hypnotic films ever -- and that's not hyperbole -- San Francisco Chronicle

Cast & Crew:

Sergio Corrieri
Salvador Wood
Jose Gallardo
Raul Garcia
Luz Maria Collazo
Jean Bouise
Alberto Morgan

Director: Mikhail Kalatozov 
Screenplay: Yevgeny Yevtushenko 
Cinematographer: Sergei Urusevsky 


- Independent Spirit Awards (1996): Nominated, Best Foreign Film  
- National Society of Film Critics Awards, USA (1996): Won, Archival Award
- Society of Camera Operators (1997): Won, Historical Shot 

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