Noriel Vilela - 16 Toneladas / Juca Chaves - Take Me Back To Piaui 7" - Vinyl

Artist: Brazil 45s

Price - £5.99

The third release on our Brazil 45's imprint.

A. Noriel Vilela - 16 Toneladas
AA. Juca Chaves - Take Me Back To Piaui

Originally released in 1971 on Copacabana Records, Noriel Vilela's cover of Tennessee Ernice Ford's '16 Tons', originally a classic American pop-country-folk song from the 1940s, is highly sought after. It features on his hard to find 'Eis o ôme' LP, recently re-issued (in 2002 and 2013).

Juca Chaves classic 'Take Me Back To Piaui' was released on 7" by RGE In 1970 and features on his album 'Muito Vivo' from from 1972. Chaves was an active critic of the Brazilian military dictatorship, and like Veloso and Gil, was exiled in the early 1970s, to Portugal and later Italy.

Don't sleep on the first two in this series, they are limited to 1000 copies and will sell out.

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