Lula Cortes Ze Ramalho - Paebiru Remixed: Throwing Snow b/w Illum Sphere 7" - Vinyl

Artist: Lula Côrtes

Price - £5.99

Limited edition clear 7" vinyl special

Paêbirú is an obscure Brazilian psych concept album about the 'four elements' (earth, air, fire, water), lost in warehouse floods in Pernambuco in 1974, causing it to become a massively sought-after lost classic fetching up to $4000 for original vinyl copies.

It is a free, psychedelic and atmospheric blend of sung and chanted vocals, classical acoustic and fuzz guitar, piano, organ, flute, sax and a range of percussion, reigned in enough to keep it tense and exciting - perfect for two of the UK’s most rapidly rising electronic producers Throwing Snow and Illum Sphere to get stuck into.

A. Omm / Louvação A Iemanjá (Throwing Snow Remix) b/w AA. Não Existe Molhado Igual Ao PrantoRemix (Illum Sphere Remix)

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