Lula Cortes Ze Ramalho - Paebiru Remixed: Throwing Snow b/w Illum Sphere 7" - Vinyl

Artist: Lula Côrtes

Price - £5.99

Paêbirú is an obscure Brazilian psych concept album about the 'four elements' (earth, air, fire, water), lost in warehouse floods in Pernambuco in 1974, causing it to become a massively sought-after lost classic fetching up to $4000 for original vinyl copies.

It is a free, psychedelic and atmospheric blend of sung and chanted vocals, classical acoustic and fuzz guitar, piano, organ, flute, sax and a range of percussion, reigned in enough to keep it tense and exciting - perfect for two of the UK’s most rapidly rising electronic producers Throwing Snow and Illum Sphere to get stuck into.

A. Omm / Louvação A Iemanjá (Throwing Snow Remix) b/w AA. Não Existe Molhado Igual Ao PrantoRemix (Illum Sphere Remix)

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