Rio Breaks OST - CD

Artist: Justin Mitchell

Price - £6.99

1. Jeff Kite – Dawn In Rio / 2. Jeff Kite – Bossa Groove / 3. Jeff Kite – Diving In The Sea / 4. Jeff Kite – The Walk Uphill (Favela Theme) / 5. Juca Chaves – Take Me Back To Piaui / 6. Jeff Kite – Surf School / 7. Jeff Kite – Bossa Groove / 8. Jeff Kite – Theme For Fabio / 9. Jeff Kite – Big Wave Ridaz / 10. Jeff Kite – Fabio Vs Rogerio / 11. Jeff Kite – Bossa Groove / 12. Jeff Kite – Timelapse / 13. Jeff Kite – Arpoador Beach / 14. Lucio Gomes Queiroz – Berimbeiss / 15. Nego Mocambique* – Montagem Do Surfista Avao / 16. Deise Tigrona* – Caldeirão (Tejo Remix) Remix – Tejo

Rio Breaks, directed by Justin Mitchell, is a documentary film that follows the story of two best friends as they try to escape the pitfalls of life in the slums of Rio de Janeiro by riding the waves on their favourite beach.  The DVD was released on the 24th September on Mr Bongo after a successful theatrical run that began at the Empire, Leicester Square in London and continued across the UK. This is the original soundtrack.

The main composer of the soundtrack, which was specially commissioned for the film, is Jeff Kite. He recorded and produced the soundtrack at Deathstar Studios in Los Angeles. He currently plays with Julian Casablancas, Vicky Cryer and Beat Club.

The soundtrack also features tracks from Deize Tigrona, Nego Moçambique and Juca Chaves.

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