The Gentlemen

Artist: The Gentlemen


Another super rare gem from the Rozenblit catalogue, the self-titled about by The Gentleman from 1972. The LP, on Smog Records, was so rare only 200 copies were ever pressed for radio promotion and only three of the originals are now known to still exist today.

Formed by Hugo Leao (real name Hugo Filho) in 1966, The Gentlemen were a Garage-Rock band from Pernambuco (north-east Brazil) that came together via inspirations from the 'Jovem Guarda' movement and the 60?s psyche-rock sound from the UK.  The group consisted of Hugo Leao (bass and vocal), Célio (rhythm guitar), Valmir (lead vocal), Saulo (drums), Enilton (guitar) and Carlito (keyboards).

'Sorriso selvagem' is the first track on the album and sounds like a mixture of Santana and Deep Purple.

The single 'Christina' merges psych sounds with the traditional Pernambucan percussion, Indian sitars & Moroccan lutes

A1. Sorriso Selvagem / A2. Não Sei Quem Sou / A3. Vestido Branco / A4. Meu Mondo / A5. Lonely Blue Boy / A6. Uma Voz, Outra Voz
B1. Vazio / B2. Agora Estou Livre / B3. Isso É Amor / B4. Eu Juro / B5. O Embarque / B6. Post-Scriptum


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