Tumi & The Volume - Tumi & The Volume - CD

Artist: Tumi & The Volume

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1. Ellof 17:45 / 2. Floor / 3. Bus Stop Confessions / 4. Johnny Dyani / 5. What It's All About / 6. Smile, You On Camera Vocals [Featuring] – Fifi / 7. Afrique / 8. The Story Behind The Pain / 9. Signs / 10. Oslo / 11. Basement / 12. Ladies And Gentlemen Up Next It Be The Raw, The Live, Known Affectionately As / 13. Learning / 14. In A Minute Vocals [Featuring] – Fifi / 15. Bergman's Theory / 16. Sticks And Stones / 17. These Women

The most unlikely combination to ever share a melody since free Mandela rallies: Tiago a guitarist with more hair than face, Dave the consciously inconspicuous Jewish bassist, Paulo the vigorous face contorting Mozambican drummer and Tumi a roly-poly twang festooned Muslim emcee. This ladies and gentlemen is Tumi and the Volume, arguablySouth Africa's most electric performers.

The group has managed to create a distinct musical accent for itself that includes blends of samba, swing, hip hop, reggae and poetry that speaks to the unique reality of the South African experience and still relates to the world in that universal way that only beauty can. Think The Roots meets Common by way of South Africa.

The band has wowed audiences all over the country, impressed fellow musicians Blackalicious (U.S.A), Positive Black Souls (Senegal) and Relax (the Netherlands) and has been frequent invitees to world-class music festivals such as the Quart Festival in Norway, North Sea Jazz and in Cape Town, Montreal Jazz. They have also played throughout Europe.

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