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Mr Bongo Staff Picks - 2014 Favourites

Every year the team at Mr Bongo reflect on the year that has just passed and pull together our favourite releases from the label for that year. 2014 has been an amazing year for Mr Bongo releases and we have had more out than ever. There was so much great music to choose from, but we have whittled it down to these top picks...

David Mr Bongo (CEO / Big Cheese) 

1. Hollie Cook - ‘Twice' LP
"After 3 years in the making I was really proud to release Hollie’s groundbreaking new album. There were so many people that helped us with this album that it’s impossible to thank them all."

2. Horseman - ‘Dawn of the Dread’ LP
"At last we were able to deliver the digital masterpiece that is Dawn of the Dread. Horseman deserves all the plaudits as he is the backbone of the Prince Fatty sound."

3. Hareton Salvanini ‎- 'Hareton + Meta' 7"
"We caused a real stir with this one. Originally only given out at theatrical performances in Sao Paulo in the 1970s, we tracked down the owner and were able to properly release this full track EP psychedelic masterpiece."

4. Claudia - 'Deixa eu Dizer b/w Cizinha - Pra Fazer Um Samba' 7"
"The first of the acclaimed Brazil 45 series. We had no idea that this would be so well received, and I was blown away by the reaction to the series."

5. Mungo’s Hi-Fi Vs Prince Fatty - 'Mungo’s Hi-Fi Vs Prince Fatty' LP
"Fantastic experience working Craig and the boys from Scotch Bonnet. The album is a great sound clash of different styles of UK reggae." 


Graham (Digital)

1. Hareton Salvanini ‎- 'Hareton + Meta' 7"
"KM 110 is absolutely enormous. I’m guessing this will be in everyones end of year list. Ive seen people buy this after only hearing the first 16 bars."

2. Claudia - 'Deixa eu Dizer b/w Cizinha - Pra Fazer Um Samba' 7"
"A biggy that has eluded me in LP format for a long time, so very happy to have been able to release this. As sampled by Marcelo D2 on Desafabo."

3. Joao Bosco - O Ronco Da Cuica / Antonio Adolfo E A Brazuca - Transamazonica 7”
"Been in search of a reasonably priced copy of Antonio Adolfo E A Brazuca’s self titled LP for a long time, and I’m still searching. So this was a most welcome acquisition!"

4. Os Brazoes - Carolina Carol Bela / Tim Maia - E Necesario 7”
"Both essential cuts. Love Brazoes especially; another original that remains on the wants list."

5. Olli Ahvenlahti - 'The Poet' LP
"Grandma’s Rocking Chair and THAT break. But love the whole LP, lovely record."


Gareth (Badger / Official Vinyl Junkie)

1. Hareton Salvanini ‎- 'Hareton + Meta' 7"
"What a rip-snorter, a record that gets played in all my gigs. Instantly gets people hyped and such a great find for Mr Bongo." 

2. Elza Soares - Mas Que Nada / Elizabeth - Vou Falar-Lhe Francamente 7"
"Heavyweight double header!  Elza Soares is an all time classic, but the one that got me really excited is Vou Falar-Lhe Francamente by Elizabeth. One of David Mr Bongo recent discoveries, this killer breakbeat driven number has been one of my most played out records when djing this year."

3. Noriel Vilela - 16 Toneladas b/w Juca Chaves - Take Me Back To Piaui 7"
"Two killer quirky nuggets on one piece of wax, you can't ask for more."

4. Olli Ahvenlahti - 'The Poet' LP
"Fantastic re-issue of the rare Finnish jazz LP, including the monster cut Grandma' Rocking Chair."

5. Toni Tornado - O Journaleiro / Som Tres - Homenagem a Mongo 7"
"I've been after a copy of O Journaeiro by Toni Tornado for ages, so was super chuffed when David said we could issue it.


Matt A (Label Assistant)

1. Hareton Salvanini ‎- 'Hareton + Meta' 7"
"Supervillain vibes, like something out of Madlib's sample selection. Great meticulous artwork repro from Andy."

2. Elza Soares - Mas Que Nada / Elizabeth - Vou Falar-Lhe Francamente 7"
"Probably my favourite version of this classic composition. The epitome of feel good Brazilian music and the rhythm section is funky as f**k!!"

3. Oz Brazoes - Oz Brazoes
"Brazilian psych at its best, a group of lunatics making whatever they please. At times reminds me of a Brazilian Black Merda."

4. Joyce - Aldeia de Ogum / Rosinha da Valencia - Summertime 7"
"Again, classic composition, unbelievable version!!"

5. Incredible Bongo Band - Bongo Rock (Deluxe 40th Anniversary Edition)
"I think this is an example of our step-up in reissues this year. Classic music, high quality 180gram pressings, Japanese manufactured sleeves. I personally think this is better than the original."


Tracey Murray (Head of Synch)

1. Noriel Vilela - 16 Toneladas b/w Juca Chaves - Take Me Back To Piaui 7"
"Every time I hear this I feel like I'm rocking out with The Munsters. I LOVE IT."

2. Noriel Vilela - 16 Toneladas b/w Juca Chaves - Take Me Back To Piaui 7"
"(Bit of a cheat because it's the b-side), but the 'hey heys' and handclaps on this are so infectious."

3. Karol Conka - Batuk Freak LP
"Effortless cool from the Brazilian MIA."

4. Horseman - Computer 7"
"Anything that references retro computer games and has a bonkers video gets my vote."

5. Hareton Salvanini ‎- 'Hareton + Meta' 7"
"I love a hidden gem - and they don't get better than this with the strings and over the top filmic retro trumpet action... and don't get me started on the technicolored psychedelic cover." 


Matt N (Marketing)

1. Hollie Cook - ‘Twice' LP
"A big record in every sense. Hollie’s most ambitious release to date. It has the lot." 

2. Incredible Bongo Band - Bongo Rock (Deluxe 40th Anniversary Edition)
"A classic now lovingly repackaged making it an essential addition for collectors. Always enjoyed the record, and now I have a heavyweight mirrored version."

3. Mungo's Hi Fi - Scrub a Dub Style ft. Sugar Minott (Prince Fatty Mix) / (Original) 7"
"A total uplifter. Horseman and Sugar Minott kill it on this 7”

4. Jorge Ben & Toquinho - Carolina, Carol Bela / Joao Donato - Ara 7" 
"A perfect introduction to our classic Brazilian series. If this record doesn’t make you smile then you need to check yourself for a pulse."

5. 25 Years Of Mr Bongo: 1989-2014 CD
"What an achievement for Dave and the rest of the team. The quality and breadth of work on here blows my mind."


Andy (Design)

1. Os Brazoes - Os Brazoes LP 

"This has gone straight into my top ten LPs of all time. amazingly consistent LP. An insanely rare original, such a welcome reissue."

2. Bossa tres - Imprevisto 7"

"A great intro to bossa jazz. concise, tough, tons of character. If you like this, go have a look at salvador trio too."

3. 25 years of Mr Bongo CD

"Dave has a staggeringly broad musical knowledge, this comp scratches the surface of 25 years of his passion for music. essential listening, a great gateway to new musical discoveries…"

4. Sabu Martinez - Hotel Alyssa Sousse, Tunisia 7"

"Just a bonkers heavy drum track, taken from Sabu's legendary Afro Temple LP. the A side (Beny Moré - Babarbatiri) is an absolute classic too."

5. Nico Gomez - Rio / Aquarela 7"

"Nico Gomez - Ritual LP was one of my favourites from last year. This 7" is killer; gentle vocals, classic brazilian sound. Perfect."