Mr Bongo presents an Africa 45's mini-mix

Africa 45’s is our brand new series of sought-after tracks from across the African continent. To give you a taster of what we have forthcoming for the series we pulled together this exclusive mix for our friends at The Vinyl Factory

Amazones de Guinee – “Samba” (AFR45.01)
Moussa Doumbia – “Samba” (AFR45.01)
Moussa Doumbia – “Keleya” (AFR45.02)
Amadou Balake – “Super Bar Konon Mousso” (AFR45.02)
Mariba – “Yasa” (AFR45.09)
Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako (AFR45.09)
Alemayehu Eshete – “Telantena Zare” (AFR45.10)
Ebo Taylor – “Heaven” (AFR45.05)
Feqadu Amde Mesqel – “Asmarina” (AFR45.11)
Honny & The Bees – “Psychedelic Woman” (AFR45.08)

Mixed by the Mr Bongo Soundsystem.

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