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Prince Fatty's new album 'Versus The Drunken Gambler'

Prince Fatty's brand new album Versus The Drunken Gambler is in stock and shipping now on vinyl LP and CD (download coming soon).  It is a hip-hop-reggae-fantasy mixtape that covers all the angles of the touring Prince Fatty Soundsystem:

“When we play out, our sound system set can run for over 2 hours, Horseman toasts and I select and dub a mix of our own productions, specials and bootlegs. I like to play a few classics in the set and a little surprise is nice of course, for legal reasons we could not include the bootlegs though some digital bandits have uploaded some of them. This album contains the legal selection…a couple of originals, some new versions and covers from our dub plate collection. Of course we love Kung Fu, vintage public service announcements and Dub.  With a mix of fantasy and reality I present Prince Fatty versus the Drunken Gambler.” Prince Fatty, 2012

What more do you need to hear?!  Have a listen and buy here.