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Brazilian Independence Day and World Music Day

Brazil became an independent country on September 7, 1822, following three centuries of Portuguese hegemony.  

It is also Brazilian World Music Day.  The event, which has been organised by Becó Dranoff and Bob George at the ARC in New York, is designed as a worldwide celebration of Brazilian music. The ARC are at the centre of proceedings, launching a brand new website that will give music enthusiasts a brand new portal into Brazilian music, with lots of information, articles and research.

The day will also see many related events happening all over the world, including Brazilian Day Arizona, Brazilian Day in LA, Espirito Brum and The Meanings of Music in Brazilian Culture.

Keep up-to-date with all events at brazilianworldmusicday.wordpress.com.

Source: http://www.soundsandcolours.com/events/whats-on-in-london/brazilian-world-music-day-is-approaching/