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A Rio Breaks update from producer John Maier in Rio

An update direct from Rio Breaks producer John Maier in Rio:

"All is well here. The Favela Surf Club is thriving, down on the beach with classes morning and afternoon. It's nice to see everyday, and some of the kids are quite good, competing even with Pikachu. Pikachu and Mancini were on the front page of Globo last week with an article about the Favela Surf Club and the ranking of the two boys (2nd and 3rd) in the state for their age group. 

I also see Fabio back in the water regurlaly, but haven't seen Naman inn a long time. Fabio seems to be doing all right, always respectful and polite. We've been catching the sunset in gentle Arpoador surf the last few days. Come join us when you can."