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Funk Ostentação (Ostentation Funk) - brand new documentary

Our very good friend Renato over at Funk na Caixa is about as on the money as it gets when it comes to new electronic Brazilian music styles and his blog is a constant source of music for us.

Funk Ostentação (Ostentation Funk) is a brand new documentary about the journey and current state of [Baile] Funk music in Sao Paulo, that he has been working on with director by KondZilla and the staff of Montana 3k.  The documentary is in Brazilian Portuguese but the version below has English subtitles:

Ostentation Funk - The Movie (English subtitles) from Funk Ostentação on Vimeo.

The soundtrack is available to listen to separately too:

...and watch this space for a brand new compilation that he is working on for Mr Bongo.