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Bongo Hip Hop favourites

We have a long history in selling, distributing and pressing hip-hop records here at Mr Bongo. I remember my trips to the shop in the mid to late nineties, and the excitment when the mail-order record lists arrived in the post. I'd take the train up to London to buy the newest imports, and spend a good hour looking through the second-hand offerings before continuing my pilgrimage down Berwick street to SisterRay and the (still open) Reckless records, to raid the 'new in stock' section. So here i share with you some of my personal favourites, records that remind me of trips to the Bongo shop on Poland St. What records did you discover through the shop? Parental Advisory on this post... Don't listen if you'r easily offended, may contain swearing...

Out of Oakland, Plan Bee, featuring the hugely under-rated Saafir (check his '94 'Boxcar sessions' LP). 

Not obscure, but one i bought this through Bongo, it's been played into oblivion... A go-to record. 

Not entirely sure how, but I slept on this one, and it was a UK skate video that put me on to it. DITC crew's O.C. off his Word Life LP on Wild Pitch. Produced by Buckwild and Organised Konfusion amongst others... Surely one of the best, and most quoted raps of the mid 90's.

Really don't know a great deal about this one... great obscure indy track on KGB records. Any info appreciated!

A stone cold classic, from one of the most solid indy labels of the 90's - Bobbito's Fondle 'em records; such was the quality, i bought these without hearing them - MF DOOM, Cenubites EP, Juggaknots, the list goes on...

'Holder of the boulder' Keith Murray aka Keefy Keef. Hen's teeth.

East Flatbush Project featuring DeS, third release on the label, the first 'Madman's dream' is also worth checking... Odetta 'Sakura' is the sample, this track wrote off that sample, untouchable after this...

It wouldn't be a rap list without Eric B & Rakim. I got this on the 180/360 record through Bongo. Worth tracking down. 

Boston's Top Choice Clique, solid on both sides...

This debut LP from Scientifk is just amazing. Scientifik, i think was part of the ED og & the Bulldogs crew (correct em if i'm wrong). It's produced by Ed o.g, Buckwild, Diamond D and Prince Rakeem (RZA). 

Finally, one that Bongo pressed. In two versions - the Soundtrack (out of stock), and the instrumental, which for me is a pretty special record. Originally only a very limited test pressing, we licensed this record from Charlie Ahearn, director of Wild Styl, back in '98.

Here's a little slice of Bongo history. enjoy more of our favourites over on our Spotify Playlist: Mr Bongo Hip Hop Classics