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Ebo Taylor Conflict and self-titled vinyl re-issues

One of Ghanaʼs finest producer and arrangers, Ebo Taylor was involved in a lot of the Afro-Funk to emerge from the country in the 70s working with bands such as Apagya Show Band and fellow musicians such as C.K. Mann and Pat Thomas

Ebo's self-titled album was released in 1977 and followed by Conflict in 1980.  Original copies of these two are incredibly hard to find these days and will cost you a LOT of money.

The six songs that make up the self-titled album exemplify Taylorʼs desire to experiment and move beyond the constraints of colonial influences on Highlife and African musical traditions.

The five tracks that make up Conflict are a perfect example of Taylorʼs trademark approach that saw him inject a heavy dose of funk into Ghanaʼs traditional highlife grooves in an attempt to move away from what he saw as the musicʼs more traditional qualities.

Both of Ebo's LP's are being reissued by Mr Bongo as part of our ʻClassic African Recordingsʼ series.  They feature fully reproduced original artwork to exact spec and are pressed on heavyweight vinyl and ship with MP3 download cards.  CD's (coming soon) are presented in digipacks with Obi strips.