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2012 world cinema film titles from Mr Bongo

2012 saw the release of 12 world cinema titles on Mr Bongo. Big boss man David, talks through the films and what inspired their release.   If you are interested in purchasing them all at once we've created a 2012 collection.

Michelangelo Antonioni - Chung Kuo (1972)
The year kicked off in fine fashion with an Arjun Chauhan discovery; the only really accomplished film about Mao's China Chung Kuo by the great Michelangelo Antonioni. Having released many of his other classic film like L'Avventura, Arjun dug deeper and discovered this underground documentary classic. Includes a frightening 10 minute caesarean birth section achieved without anaesthetic, using only the help of 3 foot acupuncture needles.

Wojciech Has - Hourglass Sanatorium: Restored Edition (1973) / The Saragossa Manuscript: Restored Edition (1973)
Our good friends at the Kino Polska did amazing restorations of older releases by Wojciech Has; Hourglass Sanatorium and Saragossa Manuscript. Hourglass in particular benefited immensely from a new digital master taken from the original 35mm.

Orson Welles - Falstaff: Chimes At Midnight (1965)
Next up comes a film we are particularly proud to bring you, the film that Orson Welles himself said was his best film, Falstaff: Chimes At Midnight. After six years hard work on cleaning up the film from an old 35mm master, I worked with Dolores Piedra (daughter of the film’s producer Emiliano), and we had had a lot of interest after a successful theatrical run in 2011. With a stellar cast including Welles in all his pomp, John Geilgud, Margaret Rutherford, Jeanne Moreau, this is a film everyone should have.

Andrew Lang - Sons Of Cuba (2009) [Single DVD]
After achieving huge sales there was a lot of demand for a single disc version of Sons Of Cuba, the thrilling documentary of young kids at a boxing boarding school in Cuba. The film has made audiences laugh and cry. We have also given into public demand and made the Quad theatrical poster available in limited quantities.

Igor Maslennikov - Sherlock Holmes: The Hound Of The Baskervilles (1981)
The eminently qualified A. Chauhan weighed in with a real curve ball and helped us release what is widely regard as the greatest adaptation of Sherlock Homes ever by Russian TV director Igor Maslennikov. This came out as a double DVD.

Alexander Dovzhenko - War Trilogy 3-DVD Boxset (1920s)
In September we decided to put all our Dovzhenko releases in the correct context as the 3-disc War Trilogy. These films have still not received the recognition they deserve. Dovzhenko is a master and few people apart from Scorsese and a few US film buffs seem to acknowledge that. I know Martin uses Dovzhenko in his teaching seminars.

Alejandro Jodorowsky - Santa Sangre (1989)
After securing the rights at Cannes in May we had a great theatrical run with Jodrowsky's crazy Santa Sangre culminating in the brilliantly conceived screening at the Day Of The Dead Festival under the Old Vic arches in London with Rodrigo y Gabriela. We had a new score that turned the film into another being. Again we made a limited run of Quad posters and due to huge public demand we have run another 100 off for our fans.

Boris Barnet - Outskirts / By The Bluest of Seas (1933)
Closing the year with two unheralded Russian classics by Boris Barnet. We tried to sign them a few years ago but there wasn't a good enough master, but they re-mastered in Russia and we just had to make ithem available for film lovers.