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Greymatter's Groove

WOLF Music's Greymatter selects some of his favourite groove and boogie tracks for us. Thank you sir.

Leon Ware – Rockin' You Eternally

 I was put onto this one by Stu WOLF Music a couple of years back. Pure laid back soul vibes just about on the right side of the line.

Starvue – Body Fusion

Absolutely killer rare groover, with a huge intro. Those strings. Wow. Dave Bongo put me onto this one and it stuck.

 Daybreakk! – Everything Man

Parts of this Patrick Adams track are quite cheesey but the pre-chorus and chorus hooks make up for it.

Hipnotic – Are You Lonely?

Killer slow stepper that I originally picked up on from the first volume of Groove On Down on Soul Brother

Keni Burke – Risin' To The Top


What can you say about this one other than it was sampled by Mary Jane Girls for All Night Long.  Stone cold banger.

Fonda Rae – Over Like A Fat Rat

Love the drama at the start of this with the piano and bass interplay. Great summer jam.

Marta Acuna – Dance, Dance, Dance

Total genius from Patrick Adams, who is without doubt one of my favourite writer-producers.  The powerful and unique chord changes and Marta's floating vocal make this a real classic.

Rainbow Brown – 'Til You Surrender

Patrick Adams again on this monster disco record for Rainbow Brown.

Le Frank O – Keep On Gettin' Down

Sampled a few times in recent years to great effect.  This one is about the build and the vocal for me.

Donna Mcghee – Mr. Blindman

Patrick Adams again yep. This is a great LP and well worth picking up.

Greyship Daviz – Get Up Get Down And Let Your Body Pop

I discovered this one on Jerome Derradji's Boogie Down compilation for BBE.  It's a very unique record this one, can't get enough of the electronics. Very pricey original vinyl though...

Paper Doll – Get Down Boy

Patrick Adams on arrangement here. Driving vocal and groove from the top.

There is also a Spotify playlist here should you require it: