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Brazilian Beatz Podcast


We are very pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the founder of the Brazilian Beatz podcast DJ Vivo for a monthly all-Brazilian show.

Listen and subscribe to the first installment - a Brazilian Hip Hop special

DJ Vivo aka Kuimars Coates first travelled to Brazil in 2001 and was, like many others, captured by the atmosphere of "alegria" or joy of the country. As a DJ and music lover the music immediately sparked his imagination and the Samba parties where a breath of fresh air to him during a time when UK clubs were becoming less interesting and more superficial. Luckily he found what he was looking for in Brazil.

In 2006 Kuimars started a regular party called Brazilian Beatz in Bristol, UK where he lived. This was an instant success and the party still runs strong today. At the same time Vivo was extensivlely searching for reliable, high quality sources for Brazilian music on the web but was unsuccessful, so eventually he decided to start his own Podcast and named it after the party in Bristol.

Vivo was now travelling to Brazil almost every year. He made it a priority to only include the very best music that he found in his Podcast, and to cover as many of the genres within Brazilian music that inspired him, both classic and contemporary.

In 2011 Vivo left his life in England behind to move Rio de Janeiro, BR where he currently resides organising events, teaching yoga and running this Podcast.

Since its launch, the popularity of the Podcast – much like it's UK club night namesake – has exploded, recently to the point where costs were prohibitively high, but luckily, we came along to save the day. Hopefully, our like minded enthusiast for all things Brazilian will add to the melting pot of musical gems and increase the reach of the Podcast.

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