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Wild Style Celebrates 30th Anniversary

The film Wild Style was theatrically released in cinemas 30 years ago today. Directed by Charlie Ahearn, Wild Style tells the story of a young graffiti artist Zorro (played by real life tagger Lee Quiñones) looking to establish himself as the top graffiti artist in New York while balancing his relationship with his girlfriend. The film captures much of the early hip-hop culture at the time, and featured appearances and performances from hip-hop luminaries like Grandmaster Flash, Fab Five Freddy, Busy Bee, the Cold Crush Brothers, the Rock Steady Crew, Rammellzee and more.

Wild Style has been sampled by a host of hip-hop artists in more recent years. Artists including Nas, Cypress Hill, DOOM, A Tribe Called Quest and number of other all used clips of dialogue from the film on various recordings.

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We have released the original soundtrack to the film on CD and double CD as an anniversary edition, as well as an instrumental beats mini-LP - more information here