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Jorge Ben and Lula Cortes vinyl LP's on Beat Delete

We've teamed up with BeatDelete to offer a brand new way of buying vinyl records; we post up titles either out of print or never previously released on vinyl and when the minimum number of orders is reached it gets pressed up.

We are launching with the following titles:

Various Artists - Tudo Ben: Jorge Ben Covered 3xLP
Never previously released on vinyl.  Read more and listen here

Lula Cortes & Laison - Satwa LP
Legendary Brazilian psyche rock LP, now out of print. Read more and listen here

Various Artists - Batucada: The Sound Of The Favelas
Long out of print compilation featuring heavy Brazilian Batucada drums.  Listen here.

Various Artists - Psychedelic Pernambuco
Originally released in 2012 now out of print. Read more and listen here

Listen and order at BeatDelete