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Passinho: The dance craze coming out of Rio's favelas (Part 2)

The BBC have picked up on the Passinho movement that is sweeping Rio at the moment and produced a very interesting short video on it.  Red Bull posted an article back in April too.


Brazil may be best known for the samba, but a new dance - fuelled by YouTube and social media - is emerging from the favelas.

Passinho, or "little step", is a hybrid of pop, funk and break-dancing combined with traditional Brazilian styles such as samba, pagode and frevo.

This spring, a series of competitions has been held in Rio de Janeiro's sprawling shanty towns where drug dealers and violent gangs once ruled. Dancing duels lasting just 45 seconds pit one young man against another in front of large crowds.

One of those hoping his dance skills will get him and his family out of the favela, is 20-year-old Pablo Henrique Machado or "Pablinho".

The BBC's Julia Carneiro followed the self-styled King of Passinho for a day.

Video filmed and edited by Moises Zeferino.