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The story of Brazilian Beats

In light of the release of our forthcoming Brazilian Beats 7 compilation, we thought now would be an opportune moment to recap the previous volumes from the past 14 years.

So, Mr Bongo main man David Buttle has selected his favourite track from each compilation and tells us a little bit about each one.


Brazilian Beats 1 (1999)

Top track: Masters At Work - Brazilian Beat ft. Liliana (Dope Mix)

The whole concept of Brazilian Beats came about as a result of a conversation I had with Kenny Dope (Masters At Work) when we were working on their remix of Atmosfear's UK disco-funk classic 'Dancing In Outer Space'; Kenny said he had a killer new beat that needed to be voiced, so we enlisted the talent of Liliana Chachian to write the lyrics and sing on it. The result was 'Brazilian Beat', which blended new production techniques with classic Brazilian sounds, a theme that continued to run through series. The track was actually intended to be a single released by spawned the compilations too... Hence, an important record!

This is my favourite cover shot in the series too, take by Julio Etchart, in a favela in Rio (although I can't remember which one...).

Notably this album contains Jorge Ben's classic 'Carolina Carol Bela', as sampled by DJ Marky on his monster Drum & Bass hit 'LK' (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qgH1MURhvs).

Brazilian Beats 2

Top track: River Ocean - Love & Happiness (Sao Benitez Sunset Mix)

This volume was compiled around River Ocean's 'Love & Happiness' classic house vocal over a Batucada by Par Ney de Castro, reassembled by Sao Benitez aka Mr Hermano.

This volume featured the first release of the late great Chico Science in Europe.

(NB. The license on this track has expired so it no longer appears on the current print of the album.)


Brazilian Beats 3

Top track: Seu Jorge - Chega no Suingue

The cover shot was taken at our Street Angels community charity project in Dona Aurora, Salvador by Alexis Marion. The project very unfortunately ran out of funds due to its international body withdrawing support in 2012.

BB3 was the first in the series to feature cutting edge, new music sourced from Brazil, which we went on to champion on the label. This included the likes of Ive Mendes, Paula Lima, Clube do Balanco, Mr Hermano and the most successful Brazilian musician in recent times, Seu Jorge.

Brazilian Beats 4

Top track: Juca Chaves - Take Me Back To Piaui

Volume 4 focussed more heavily on Rio based artists, particularly the Manguiera favela with Ivo Meirelles, Banda Black Rio and Juca Chaves, another record that I picked up from the legendary Tony Hits in Sao Paulo.


Brazilian Beats 5

Top track: Tejo, Black Alien & Speed - Follow Me, Follow Me (Fatboy Slim Remix)

Volume 5 was assembled around Brazilian electronic artists including new signing Marcelo D2 and the hit from Tejo Black Alien & Speed (remixed by Fatboy Slim, featured in the Nissan advert with marathon runners, filmed in Rio and pictured on the cover).

This features the all time classic by Jorge Ben, 'Take It Easy My Brother Charles', as sampled by Drumagick (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mXuk5kJEHM)


Brazilian Beats 6

Top track: Som Tres - Take It Easy My Brother Charles

The volume 6 cover shot was taken from Seu Jorge's flat at the time, in Rio.

Another Brazilian electronic-heavy compilation.  At the time we were extremely excited about the hip hop coming out of Rio, from Marcelo D2 and collaborators beat-boxer Fernandinho and now legendary encyclopaedia of Brazilian music DJ Nuts.


Brazilian Beats Brooklyn

Top track:  Noriel Vilela - 16 Toneladas

A collaboration compilation with the New York based Brazilian Beats Brooklyn duo, Greg Casseus and Sean Marqaund (also of 'Phenomenal Hand Clap Band' fame). At their long running party of the same name, they consistently play only the best, strictly vintage Brazilian records.

Key artists for me on this volume are Rita Lee (founder Os Mutantes), Noriel Vilela and the mighty Tim Maia.


Brazilian Beats 'n' Pieces

Top track: ... - Drum Juggle Skit

This one, essentially a 'best-of mixtape', was assembled by former 2x UK DMC finalist Phat Kev aka Kevin Luckhurst, now reincarnated as KRL on Wolf Music. Kev approached me to put together a mixtape because he was so inspired by the music on the compilation series, and delivered a killer mixtape.

It surprised everyone to be honest; it became one of the best selling volumes, probably due to the flowing quick nature of the tracks, the cuts and scratches. 


Brazilian Beats 7

Top track: Karol Conka - Boa Noite

Volume 7 has in fact been in progress for 4 or 5 years now, inspired by the discovery of Claudia's 'Deixa eu Dizer' as sampled by Marcleo D2 on his amazing 'Desafabo' track. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz2iz6MEtLM)

It also showcases our new recently signed premier talent Karol Conka, from Curitiba, with her Baile-Trap crossover 'Boa Noite'.

Older, golden era, unreleased gems come from Wan Trio and Cizinha, dug out of the Rozenblit catalogue that we are slowly reissuing.

Junip's (aka José González, Elias Araya and Tobias Winterkorn) cover of Jorge Ben's 'Oba, La Vem Ela'. Makes me wonder why more European bands don't cover famous Brazilian artists. Such a great version.

The cover image was shot by Shane McAuley in Rio, who has worked with Diplo on 128BPM and the Blow Your Head 'Scenes' series amongst others in Brazil.


The Brazilian Beats CD Collection is available exclusively here.