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Nebeyu Hamdi

Yebolala - Vinyl EP

Yebolala - Vinyl EP
Nebeyu Hamdi – Yebolala - Vinyl EP


Please note, all copies have a dented corner of the cover, so we have reduced the price due to this.

An amazing EP of trancey and hypnotic music from Ethiopia. The B-side of the EP features three exclusive Ethio-dub cuts by the don  dub producer Nick Manasseh (Roots Garden). Well recommended. 

A1. Yebolala / A2. Arte Azmene / A3. Hailu Gar / B1. Artase Genena Dub (Nick Manasseh Dub) / B2. Yebolala Dub (Nick Manasseh Dub) / B3. Hailu Gar Dub (Nick Manasseh Dub