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Sven Wunder

Sun-Kissed – Vinyl 7"

Sun-Kissed – Vinyl 7"
Sun-Kissed – Vinyl 7"


 PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order of this record, and will be shipping 5th August*

 If you order additional products from our site they will be sent out with 'Sun-Kissed', so please place a separate order for those.

The long dusks of summer can give you a fleeting glimpse of eternity with the happy reminiscence of life that is beginning over again. The sunshine opens a door that lets you out into a world scented of roses and with a great burst of leaves growing on the trees. Everything is on pause and yet happens at the same time.

”Sun-Kissed”, an uplifting mid-tempo number with a ’pop’ rhythm featuring brass and woodwind flavoured with sitar and a soulful feel throughout, celebrates the feeling of ease when the sun is warming your skin, a feeling that is unlike any other sensation a human being can experience…