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Expositions – Vinyl LP

Expositions – Vinyl LP
Zamova – Expositions – Vinyl LP


A wonderful addition to Madlib Invazion Music Library Series by Zamova, the crew behind the new Holy Grail label. Amazing spacey jazz-funk Library vibes, one of the best in this series so far, well recommended!!!

A1. Soft Haze / A2. Sudden Death / A3. Luna / A4. Trials / A5. Journey To... / A6. BT4U / B1. Awakening / B2. Horizon / B3. Maria / B4. Aviary / B5. Ancient Ritual / B6. Crystallization / B7. Peaceful Dream / B8. Bassa / B9. Syndicate / B10. Momenti / B11. Familia / B12. Fate