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Ayalew Mesfin

The Complete Works – Vinyl 5LP Box

The Complete Works – Vinyl 5LP Box
The Complete Works – Vinyl 5LP Box


Now-Again drop a real treat, 5 LP boxset collecting the complete Works of Ethiopian legend Ayalew Mesfin.

Good Aderegechegn (Blindsided By Love) NA 5191 

A1. Hasabe (My Worries) / A2. Ewedish Neber (I Used To Love You) / A3. Tezetash Rekik (Memories Of You) / A4. Endet Liyesh (How Can I See You)/ A5. Ekul Teramedu (Walk As One) / B1. Good Aderegechegn (Blindsided By Love) / B2.  Wubeet (Beautiful) / B3. Yewefe Ber Abeba (Like A Beautiful Bird) / B4. Sak Sak Beyelegni (Smile For Me) / B5. Gubeleye (Gorgeous Girl)

Che Belew (March Forward) NA 5192 

A1. Libe Menta Hone (My Divided Heart) / A2. Hedech Gara Zura (She Left Across The Mountain) / A3. Tereterkush Betam (I Suspect You Are Unfaithful) / A4. Harrar Dire-Diwa (Harrar Dire-Diwa) / A5. Yesew Neger (Amazed By Humanity) B 1. Konjo Lidge Nat (She’s A Beautiful Girl) / B2. Yetembelel-Loga (Tall And Graceful) / B3. Che Belew (March Forward)/ B4.  Ho Bilo Hede (He Went Marching) / B5. Zebeder (Mesmerizing)

Wegene (My Countryman) NA 5193 

A1. Teregew Nebere (You Used To Understand) / A2. Neye Temelesh Belwat (Tell Her To Come Back) / A3. Wegene (My Countryman) / A3. Ambassel (Ambassel) / A5.  Rehab (Rehab)  / B1. Endetnesh Belulegn (Ask How She’s Doing) / B2. Tizitash Zewetir (Your Memories Always)  / B3. Wubalem (Stunning)

Tewedije Limut  (Let Me Die Loved) NA 5194 

A1. Tewedije Limut  (Let Me Die Loved)/ A2. Mot Aykerim (You Can’t Cheat Death) / A3. Shuferu (The Driver) / B1.  Libe Dil Temeta (My Heart Is Conquered) / B2.Gora Weshebaye (The Mountain Hero) / B3. Anchi Yefikir Taot (You Are Love) / B4. Ayish Ayishina (I See And I See You) 

Mot Aykerim (You Can’t Cheat Death) NA 5205 

A1. Megen Anchi Hoye (Your Amazing Self) / A2. Mot Aykerim (You Can’t Cheat Death – Alternate Take) / A3. Weyolachew (I’m Warning You) / B1. Erikew Sihedu (When Distance Arises) / B2. Yetizitash Simet (The Feelings Of Your Memory) / B3.Yedilu Shema (Victory Torch) / B4. Turi Turi Nafa (Lies And More Lies 

The OBI wrapped “box set” of all five albums is available at a discounted price. The box set only contains one booklet.