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Glauber Rocha

Entranced Earth (Terra em Transe) (1967) – DVD

Entranced Earth (Terra em Transe) (1967) – DVD
Glauber Rocha – Entranced Earth (Terra em Transe) (1967) – DVD – Mr Bongo
Glauber Rocha – Entranced Earth (Terra em Transe) (1967) – DVD – Mr Bongo
Glauber Rocha – Entranced Earth (Terra em Transe) (1967) – DVD – Mr Bongo

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The fictional El Dorado is a land yearning for reforms but beset by religious fanaticism, crass nationalism and an indifferent educated class. Paolo Martins is a poet and former supporter of senator Porfirio Diaz, a right-wing religious fundamentalist. However through his contact with communist Sara, Paolo changes his political convictions and swerves towards Felipe Viera, a liberal governor who is the country’s sole bulwark against totalitarianism. Politics in Eldorado becomes enmeshed in the purview of the media and business class, giving way to an internecine arena of violence and paper thin loyalties.

Following hot on the heels of Black God, White Devil comes the second film in Brazilian Director Glauber Rocha's famous trilogy; Terra Em Transe (Entranced Earth), a bold, confrontational, vibrant picture that stands as one of the greatest pieces of work from the director widely considered to be the leader of Brazil's Cinema Novo movement. 

"Explosive study of art and politics in the third world...Rocha’s most personal film as well as his most brilliant contribution to political cinema" - Jump Cut

Cast & Credits: Jardel Filho / Paulo Autran / Directed by Glauber Rocha

Awards: Cannes Film Festival (1967), Won, FIPRESCI Prize / Cannes Film Festival (1967), Nominated, Palme d’Or / Locarno International Film Festival (1967), Won, Grand Prix, Feature Film

Technical: 1967 / 106 minutes / Portuguese (Brazilian) with English Subtitles / Mono audio / 1.66 : 1 Black & White / DVD PAL Multi Region / Rating 12 / MRBDVD016

Licensed from Grupo Novo Cinema e TV on behalf of the Rocha family.