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Humberto Solás

Lucia (1968) – DVD

Lucia (1968) – DVD
Humberto Solás – Lucia (1968) – DVD – Mr Bongo
Humberto Solás – Lucia (1968) – DVD – Mr Bongo
Humberto Solás – Lucia (1968) – DVD – Mr Bongo

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Narrated in three segments each focusing on a woman named Lucia, the film outlines the history of modern Cuba. The 1895 segment transpires against the backdrop of the Spanish-American war where Lucia compromises her family’s support for Cuban independence when she falls in love with a Spanish gentleman. In the 1930s, an educated middle-class Lucia works in a factory while secretly engaged in a romance with an underground freedom fighter opposing the dictatorship of Gerardo Machado. Set in Castro’s Cuba, an illiterate peasant girl named Lucia participates in the literacy drive aimed to spread education among the rural poor. Her self-emancipation is thwarted by her husband who, despite the revolution, remains bound by outdated notions of machismo.

Seeking what he describes as “a coherent, lucid, and dignified appreciation of our national past”, Humberto Solás created a new genre of historical melodramas in Cuban cinema. Lucía was his greatest success, beloved in Cuba and acknowledged as a powerful achievement internationally, gaining a Gold Medal at the Moscow Film Festival of 1969.

"Spanning nearly 70 years of Cuban history, this extraordinary movie focuses on three generations of women whose lives reflect the society around them” - New York Times

Cast & Credits: Raquel Revuelta / Eslinda Núñez / Adela Legrá / Eduardo Moure / Ramón Brito / Adolfo Llauradó / Directed by Humberto Solas / Writen by Julio García Espinosa

Awards: Moscow International Film Festival (1969), Won, Golden Prize, Humberto Solas

Technical: 1968 / 159 minutes / Spanish with English Subtitles / Mono audio / 1.78 : 1 Black & White / DVD PAL Multi Region / Rating 18 / MRBDVD015

Licensed from Contemporary Films curtesy of AUDIOVISUALES ICAIC.