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King Kong Paradise

Atsuma Mo Samusam – Vinyl LP

Atsuma Mo Samusam – Vinyl LP
King Kong Paradise – Atsuma Mo Samusam – Vinyl LP – Mr Bongo


One for the Balearic and experimental heads. King Kong Paradise's 'Atsuma Mo Samusam' album was released on the predominant jazz based 'Johnny's Disk Records' from Japan in 1984. The album is an amazing, unique blend of low-fi experimental electronics, reggae / dub and obscure 80's pop. Music From Memory fans check this out.

A1. フジヤマ / A2. 境界線 / A3. 暑さも寒さも / B1. レゲエ ヴドゥ / B2. オマエハ ハート ブレーカー / B3. キキアキ

Sound clips to follow!