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Aesop Rock

Float – Vinyl 2LP

Float – Vinyl 2LP
Float – Vinyl 2LP


A special yellow vinyl edition of Aesop Rock's classic 'Float', to celebrate the albums 20 year anniversary. 

A1. Float / A2. Commencement At The Obedience Academy / A3. Big Bang / A4. Garbage / A5. I'll Be OK / B1. Breakfast With Blockhead / B2. Basic Cable / B3. Fascination / B4. Oxygen / B5. Skip Town / C1. 6B Panorama / C2. Lunch With Blockhead / C3. Spare A Match / C4. Attention Span / C5. How To Be A Carpenter / D1. Prosperity / D2. No Splash / D3. Drawbridge / D4. Dinner With Blockhead / D5. The Mayor And The Crook