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Beatrice Dillon

Workaround – Vinyl LP

Workaround – Vinyl LP
Workaround – Vinyl LP


'Workaround' is an awesome deep experimental album from 2020 by Beatrice Dillon. Combining contemporary electronics with new-age, poly-rhythmic tabla and percussion, jazz elements, and at points has echoes of early 80's New York experimental bands. Well recommended. 

A1. Workaround One / A2. Workaround Two / A3. Workaround Three / A4. Workaround Four / A5. Workaround Five / B1. Clouds Strum / B2. Workaround Six / B3. Workaround Seven / B4. Workaround Eight / B5. Workaround Nine B6 Square Fifths / B7. Workaround Bass / B8. Pause / B9. Workaround 10