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Black Merlin

Kosua – Vinyl 2LP

Kosua – Vinyl 2LP
Black Merlin ‎– Kosua – Vinyl 2LP


A fantastic deep spiritual journey from George Thompson aka Black Merlin. 'Kosua' is the result of George's trip to Papua New Guinea and his stay with the Kosua Tribe. 

A1. Self Heat / A2. Feeling Colour / A3. Seane Falls Womens Kulumba / A4. New Guinea / B1. Cloud / B2. Standing At The Summit Of Bosavi / B3. Fogomay'iu Village / C1. Kundu / C2. Stalking The Canopy / C3. Talisu / C4. Sibi / D1. First Light  / D2. Chief Sigalo Balo Dance / D3. Madmen, Missionaries, Prospectors And Weirdos / D4. Big Haus