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Clarissa Connelly

The Voyager– Vinyl LP

The Voyager– Vinyl LP
 Clarissa Connelly – The Voyager– Vinyl LP

£7.99 £15.99

A beautiful & unique record from the Denmark-based musician/vocalist Clarissa Connelly. 'The Voyager' is an ethereal mix of contemporary leftfield folk, songs inspired by heritage music, and spacey new age outings, all washed with some electronic and psychedelic moments into a perfect piece. An individual artist who is making their voice and vision heard, which briefly takes you on a tour of their own world, highly recommended!

A1. Holler/ A2. Bargain / A3. Walden / A4. Theresa! / A5. Latitude / A6. Longitude / B1. Mother and Daddy / B2. The Fallen Land / B3. Shallow Water / B4. A Grain of Sand / B5. The Hills are Crying