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DJ Black Low

Uwami – Vinyl LP

Uwami – Vinyl LP
DJ Black Low - Uwami – Vinyl LP


Another great release from Awesome Tapes From Africa, the impressive debut album by DJ Black Low (Sam Austin Radebe
) which takes the South African style of house music 'Amapiano' into an experimental and improvised direction. 

A1. Jaiva Low (feat Hapas music, DJ KS & Patna) / A2. Emcimbinii (feat Tap Soul, Licy Jay & Eto) / A3. 9 Days (feat DJ Saxo Boy) / B1. Emonate Oe Bethela D Vosho (feat Kapzela, Licy Jay & MLG) / B2. Downfall Revisit / B3.  Stiwawa Quitter