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Ennanga Vision

Ennanga Vision – Vinyl 2-LP

Ennanga Vision – Vinyl 2-LP
Ennanga Vision – Vinyl 2-LP – Mr Bongo
Ennanga Vision – Vinyl 2-LP – Mr Bongo


A very interesting collaboration between Jesse Hackett (Owiny Sigona) and Ugandan musicians Albert Ssempeke, Otim Alpha and others on Soundway. The band have called this project ''Deconstructed royal-court music from the forgotten kingdoms of the Buganda, reconstructed electronic wedding music, fluorescent pink African pop, crunched 8-bit drum machines and a 10-foot long monster xylophone are just a few of the many sounds of Ennanga Vision'.". Pushing the boundaries. We love it.

Limited edition neon vinyl edition with gatefold sleeve. 

A1. New Sunshine / A2. Otim's War / A3. Like A Football / A4. Essembi (Money) / B1. Killing Ghosts / B2. Happy Birthday Wonder (Acholi) / C1. Abbanna Kange (children Of My Father) / C2. All This Blue / C3. Amadinda Eyebell / D1. Kampala Auto Chase / D2. Endongo Moogs / D3. Silimu (Aids) / D4. Jaja (Grandmother)

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