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Banguelê – Vinyl LP

Banguelê – Vinyl LP
Free-Son – Banguelê – Vinyl LP – Mr Bongo
Free-Son – Banguelê – Vinyl LP – Mr Bongo


It does not get much better than this. A much needed re-issue of Free-Son's super-rare and very expensive 1971 Brazilian psychedelic instrumental funk masterpiece. Includes a cut which may very well have been the inspiration for Afefe Iku's classic 'Mirror Dance' – listen from 25:42.

Please note covers have some slight wear.

A1. Bahobab / A2. Three For One / A3. Mar Da Tranquilidade / A4. Daruiz / A5. Africana / A6. Realeza Asteca / B1. Songa Monga / B2. Grande Poder / B3. Batá-Cotô / B4. F. D. P. / B5. Zoombie / B6. Yaruba 

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