Hollie Cook

Hollie Cook – Live in London – Vinyl LP

Hollie Cook – Live in London – Vinyl LP


UPDATE – orders will be dispatched end of February 2017:

"You may have seen the recent reports about vinyl’s booming sales figures. This is great news for the industry but also means long queues at the few pressing plants that still exist. 

As a result, our record with Hollie Cook is, unfortunately, taking slightly longer to produce than we anticipated. Which means it’s unlikely that we will hit our predicted delivery date of this month.

We should have the vinyl ready by the end of February,  which means it should be with you at the beginning of March. We apologise profusely for the delay and thank you for being so patient. 

We promise, it will be worth the wait."


An intimate recording of Hollie Cook and the General Roots band recorded live at the Sanctum Hotel in Soho, London on 24 November 2016.

The show, which saw Hollie play a selection of old favourites, was part of the Elyx Invites series. This partnership with Absolut Elyx and Jocks & Nerds magazine raises money for the charity Water For People, which aims to bring safe water to 100,000 people over the next five years. 

Record artwork by Robin Eisenberg https://robineisenberg.com/

Only 50 records are being pressed and all the proceeds go straight to helping the vulnerable.

PS. The price is £20 + VAT – which we have to add on to sell.. Thats just the way it is!

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