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Various Artists

Hong Kong Score – Vinyl 2-LP

Hong Kong Score – Vinyl 2-LP
Various Artists – Hong Kong Score – Vinyl 2-LP – Mr Bongo


A wicked exploration of the film scores of the 60s and 70s sung in Cantonese and Mandarin. Featuring heavy drum breaks, tasty bass lines and dope melodies from Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, compiled by Wan Chai Records. 

A1. Yao Su Rong - Face Red, Heart Laugh / A2. Lena Lim - Where Is My Love / A3. Li Tai-Hsiang - Sister Rainbow / A4. Teresa Teng - Violin / A5. The Apollo - Memories / A6. Yuan Ye San Chong Chang - Warm / B1. Soul Dance Music - Johnny Guitar / B2. Li Tai-Hsiang - Oriental Lovers / B3. You Ya - Three Appointments / B4. New Wave Orchestra - Huayue League / B5. Chang Siao Ying - Lonely Heart / B6. Xian Jin Ren & Zeng Zhong Ying Aizu Bandai-San