Lafayette Afro Rock Band

Ice ‎– Each Man Makes His Destiny

Ice  ‎– Each Man Makes His Destiny


A1 Too Little Room / A2 Suicide / A3 One Chance / A4 Love Can / B1 There's Time To Change / B2 Put An X On The Spot (In The Sky) / B3 Losin' / B4 Dgunji 

Great re-issue of a fantastic first LP by Ice, a.k.a. The Lafayette Afro Rock Band.

The band originally called The Bobby Boyd Congress decide that the funk scene in the United States was too saturated for them to viably compete in, so they relocated to France in 1971. When their lead vocalist Bobby Boyd returned to America, the band renamed themselves as Ice. They would also make the classic recordings as the The Lafayette Afro Rock Band, but also continued to record under the name Ice. 

Original released in 1973 on Kedzie Records. Sealed re-issued copy with gatefold cover. 

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