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Icio Omegha

Psycho Cruise – Vinyl LP

Psycho Cruise – Vinyl LP
Icio Omegha ‎– Psycho Cruise – Vinyl LP


Periodica's sub-label 'Fututibile' present a collection of psychedelic, electronica and disco by Icio Omegha (Maurizio Aghemo). Maurizio recorded these tracks between 1984 and 1991 at his studio on the island of Stromboli and now thanks to the excellent label out of Naples they are available for the first time.

A1. Psycho Cruise / A2. Calypso / A3. Fiesta De Verano / A4. Laguna Rossa / A5. Futuro Incerto / B1. Sitar / Tabla I / B2. Sitar / Tabla II / B3. Sitar / Tabla III / B4. Gaida Bulgara / B5. Chitarra / Efx