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Fonografie – Vinyl LP

Fonografie – Vinyl LP
Koralle – Fonografie – Vinyl LP


Great secomd album by the Italian musician, beatmaker and producer Koralle from Bologna, released on Melting Pot Music.

A1. Livin‘ / A2. Trick Questions (Feat. Anti Lilly) /  A3. Mom & Dad / A4. Keep It Stepping (Feat. Turt) / A5. Raymond‘s Book / A6. Laid Back (Feat. Isatta Sheriff) / A7. Brujos (Interlude) / A8. Last Train Home / B1. Spinning / B2. Lies (Feat. Karhys) / B3. Jellyfish / B4. Snakes / FB5. Fuel (Feat. Turt) / B6. Oro (Feat. Funk Shui Project) / B7. F10 / B8. Noia (Feat. Twit One)