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Sachiko Kanenobu

Misora – Vinyl LP

Misora – Vinyl LP
Misora – Vinyl LP

£17.99 £26.99

Beautiful release on Light in the Attic records. 'Misora' by Osaka's Sachiko Kanenobu, produced by the brilliant Haruomi Hosono in 1972. A gentle trip through finger-picked guitar by Sachiko, with intricate melodies recorded in a rustic-fashion, similar to that of Joni Mitchell. A cult classic touted by many heads throughout the years.

A1. Look Up, The Sky Is Beautiful 4:04 / A2. Far Away From You 3:25 / A3. The Heat Wave 3:00 / A4. Leave It To Time 2:55 / A5. Moody Sky 2:57 / A6. What Do You Really Want? 2:44 / B1. Blue Fish 2:58 / B2. I Wish It Would Snow 4:00 / B3. Running Away On A Road Of Snow 2:57 / B4. Falcon And I 8:00 / B5. The First Strong Winds Of Spring 2:45