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Moulay Ahmed El Hassani

Atlas Electric – Vinyl 2LP

Atlas Electric – Vinyl 2LP
Moulay Ahmed El Hassani – Atlas Electric – Vinyl 2LP – Mr Bongo


Another amazing release from Brighton's Hive Mind Records. For their third outing they have compiled a collection of tracks from one of the greats of Moroccan musicians, Moulay Ahmed El Hassani, who combines traditional folk forms with drum machines and mesmerising psychedelic guitar. Previously only available of CD and tape, awesome stuff!

A1. Li Nssak Nssah / A2. Yak Ennas Mlklil Darou Labas / A3. Ould Lhram / B1. Fache Ainik Anta / B2. Ana Mazal Kanabghik / B3. Dnya Yakhlik / C1. Ya Li Hjarni /  C2. Addabtini Mahantini / C3. Mi Hanna Dada / D1. Lklam Lakhar / D2. Ya Lmmima Matabkich Hada Hali / D3. Loukan Fik Lkhir