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Liquid Lines – Vinyl 2LP

Liquid Lines – Vinyl 2LP
Olicía – Liquid Lines – Vinyl 2LP


A fantastic album from the duo Olicía aka Anna-Lucia Rupp and Fama M'Boup, 'Liquid Lines' combines modern jazz, electronic productions, neo-classical, experimental vocal arrangement, folk and indie-pop.

The album was recorded in two versions, two colours, two moods, two captured moments of expression. The orange version is more energetic and outgoing while the violet version is rather calm and organic.

A1. Blue Hour - Orange Version / A2. Outer Space - Orange Version / A3. Préférences - Orange Version / A4. Texture of Woods - Orange Version / A5. Water - Orange Version / B1. Pulse - Orange Version / B2. Lullabies - Orange Version / B3. Bleu - Orange Version / B4. Go Go Go - Orange Version / B5. Give Me What I Asked For (Loop Impro) / C1. Blue Hour - Violet Version / C2. Outer Space - Violet Version / C3. Preferences - Violet Version / C4. Texture of Woods - Violet Version / C5. Water - Violet Version / D1. Pulse - Violet Version / D2. Lullabies - Violet Version / D3. Bleu - Violet Version / D4. Go Go Go - Violet Version / D5. Gently In My Mind (Loop Impro)