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Boris Barnet

Outskirts (Okraina / The Patriots) – DVD

Outskirts (Okraina / The Patriots) – DVD
Outskirts (Okraina / The Patriots) – DVD - Mr Bongo
Outskirts (Okraina / The Patriots) – DVD - Mr Bongo
Outskirts (Okraina / The Patriots) – DVD - Mr Bongo


A small village on the Russo-German border becomes a microcosm of the great changes Russia would undergo during the course of the First World War. The war poisons the village community; close friendships are destroyed by vindictive nationalism, while a sweet romance between a Russian girl and a German POW is greeted with suspicion and disapproval. On the front, soldiers face the absurdity of trench warfare, at home returning veterans are unable to return to normal life, while intimations of the Russian Revolution makes itself felt. 

Made in 1933, Outskirts is one of the most ambitious films from the early sound period, ahead of its time in its camera movements and use of sound. The film moves freely from the comic to the tragic, domestic drama interspersed with harrowing war scenes. Boris Barnet has long been a cult film-maker in Europe, praised by the likes of Godard and Tarkovsky with Outskirts regarded as a great work of Russian cinema.

"Sensational...Orchestrated some of the most vivid and modern scenes ever of trench warfare"Village Voice

Cast & Credits: Aleksandr Chistyakov / Sergey Komarov / Yelena Kuzmina / Nikolay Bogolyubov / Nikolay Kryuchkov / Hans Klering / Mikhail Zharov / Vladimir Uralsky / Directed by Boris Barnet

Licensed from Mosfilm.