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Spaza – Vinyl LP

Spaza – Vinyl LP
Spaza – Vinyl LP


Love this deep spacey South African avant-garde journey! Recorded in conjunction with the Spaza Art Gallery Johannesburg, this entirely improvised live album is recorded in one take, featuring some of the cities finest experimental jazz and electronic musicians. One of the most interesting new records we've heard this year. 

A1 Five Rand Airtime Nama-Eveready: 4000 Degrees / A2. Tigerbalm Nobuhlebakho (Interlude) / A3. Ice Squinchies: Waiting For You / B1. Magwinya, Mangola NeWhite Liver / B2. Invocations (Interlude) / B3. Sunlight, Glycerine, 2 Loose Draws / B4. Stametta Spuit: Invocations